Saturday, December 8, 2007

My Little Performers

Ya'll better take a step back because I'm so bursting with pride the electric vibe might just jump through the computer and give you a jolt. Prepare for a Major Mommy Brag...First, the choir/band concert. Thursday night the boys performed in their first choir concert at school. Since it's a K-8 arts magnet school, we were expecting musical greatness. We were NOT disappointed. It was wonderful! They sang several folk songs and Christmas carols, many in three part harmony. The K and First graders sang Silent Night in German. So cute! Here's a picture of the kiddos right before the concert.

They also had three performances of their play, Once Upon a Dream--A Cinderella Tale, this week. Two performances were during the day for their peers at school, then last night was the BIG public performance. Oh. My. Gosh. It was SO amazing. Well, okay, there were a few glitches during the day performances. Like miscued music, forgotten lines, and the tiny little problem of the entire set falling down on the heads of a few stage hands--including yours truly. But it's okay because the curtain was closed. But last night was theatrical perfection! Great, great, wonderful, amazing show. EVERYTHING went right. They were both excellent as Townspeople in the chorus.

<-----In addition to being a Townsperson, Ten was also Cinderella's Footman. He sang, he danced, he said his lines beautifully. He even had a solo, which he sang to Cinderella after the Fairy Godmother transformed her. It was so stinking CUTE! But I think my favorite part of the show was when Ten and the other two mice (who were turned into Cinderella's Coachmen) told jokes during intermission while we were changing the set for the ball scene. The director called me Thursday night--when we were on our way to the choir concert--and said, "Since the set change takes a while, do you think Ten would be willing to come out on stage and tell a few Knock Knock jokes or something?" I just laughed, knowing he'd love it and that we'd need a hook to pull him offstage afterwards. I was up 'til after midnight Googling Cinderella jokes. The other mice/Coachmen joined him in the comic relief and were hilarious. Here's a shot of Mom and me with the boys after the daytime performance on Friday. I was even more exhausted than I look.
And here's one of the boys with Seven's little girlfriend (who is at least a foot taller than he is) after the Friday night performance. Ten was hamming it up in the photo, as usual.

Most of the shots with my camera are too dark, but I lightened them up at Snapfish. Problem is, I can't post those because Snapfish owns the edited versions. I can post the link to see them, but not the actual photos. Email me if you want to see all the pictures from the show.

Oh, and after the last performance the director called me up on stage to thank me for helping her and being there for every rehearsal, performance, etc. And she gave me these great flowers in the school colors. I had such a good time working with all the extremely talented kids in this production. But I have to admit I'm excited about getting my afternoons back. :-) At least until the next performance.


wareaglereed said...

Hey Girl, I stumbled across your blog tonight, and thought, hey I know her!!! :) Your boys are precious!! You have every right to be bursting with pride!!


Teble said...

April, that's so funny. How did you find me?