Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Poop Fairy" just doesn't have the same ring

Last night the boys were sitting at the kitchen table eating chocolate ice cream and discussing Ten's recent lost tooth--a molar.

Ten: Here's something I don't get about the Tooth Fairy. Why teeth? I mean, who would want to run around collecting teeth? That's pretty weird.

Dan: Well, the Poop Fairy would be even weirder.

Ten and Seven, laughing: Euw! That's nasty.

Dan: And besides, you wouldn't want to go to sleep at night with poop under your pillow.

Ten and Seven: Oh gross! Dad, we're trying to eat here!

Dan: Hey, that's free advice right there. You can use that.

Yep. That's the man I chose to raise children with, folks. Because he's four years older than me and oh so mature and stuff.

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Sanna said...

LOL Maybe I should tell Luke about the poop fairy as we are into potty training at the moment. He'd like that.