Sunday, July 6, 2008

Random Sunday Rant

Things I Hate:

1) People who don't turn right on red when nothing is coming for miles away. Hello? It's legal in Tennessee so just GO already. Especially if I'm behind you!

2) People who hold on to books they've checked out from the library even though they've finished the book but they're just too lazy to return it on time. Even though certain people are waiting for the book. Ahem.

3) Thick and Chunky salsa. See #1 below.

4) People who let their dogs poop in my yard and don't clean it up. Did you notice the For Sale sign, you horrendous cow? If we ever get anyone to come look at our stupid house, I'd prefer they NOT step in your dog's crap. Got it? Clean up after your dog. I do. Every time. I have the little doggie poo bags that attach to my leash. Because I am a responsible dog owner. And you are a horrendous cow, as I've already stated.

5) People who stop at the little street which leads to the Cracker Barrel entrance which also leads to my neighborhood. Where there's NO stop sign. None. Coming from the other direction there's even a sign which says, Oncoming traffic does not stop. Yeah, tell that to the morons in front of me who stop every time. Every single freakin' time.

And now, because I'm working up a good case of road rage and I'm not even driving, here's a list of things I love today:

1) My quest for perfect restaurant salsa at home has finally come to an end. I HATE thick and chunky salsa. I want salsa like the kind I get at my favorite Mexican restaurants. Where you can dip your chip and it comes out coated with spicy, tomato-y goodness but without chunks of onions and peppers that you have to chew. Because, quite frankly, I'm too exhausted to be bothered with the chewing. Today at Target I found Santa Fe restaurant style salsa (Medium, of course because Hot is too hot and Mild is for wusses) and my dream of eating perfect salsa at home in my pajamas was finally realized. I had chips and salsa for dinner. Because I'm the mom and I can if I want to.

2) Havarti cheese. My brother-in-law Ted got me hooked on the stuff on our family reunion last month and I can't get enough of that creamy, cheesy goodness. It's great with salsa and chips, too. I'm just sayin'.

3) Cinnamon bun coffee creamer. It's like a little slice of heaven for breakfast. (If you click the link, scroll down and click cinnamon bun on the left.)

4) Julia Spencer-Fleming's books. They're just incredible--all of them. And because I had to pick a non-food item for the list because now I'm getting hungry.

5) My new E.L.F. one dollar eyeshadow, eye liner, and lip gloss. I want to order some powder soon because I'm running out of my Bare Minerals and I'm too cheap to pay their prices when I can get E.L.F. so cheap.

Okay, now I feel better. I needed to end with happy thoughts.


Tart said...

LOL, if I had to list things that I hated, we'd be here for days. But at the moment, I'm hating on skinny jeans on men. Euw! Looks awful. Hate it. I'm with you on the salsa, I don't like it chunky either LOL.

april said...

Oh, there are so many things I hate. I found out, on a bulletin board, that the things I hate are things other people like and they all do things that bug me so it all ends up in a big mess of me hating everyone so I keep it all to myself now. I should just say that I mainly dislike a lot of people a lot of the time unless they're doing what I want and making me happy.

As for salsa, I'm very picky because I don't like peppers. I'd rather just have pico de gallo and have tomatoes, onion and cilantro because that's essentially all I eat anyway. I don't like peppers or most green things so I usually spend too much time picking them out which is why I don't like most salsas. I'd rather queso. Cheese makes everything better, but I can't find a queso that doesn't have peppers in it. I want Chili's to jar their queso.

I can say that I love ice cream. Ice cream is the blanket band-aid to make all things better in my family. I like ice cream above almost everything else.

Pat said...

Avon has a new mineral pwder make-up for around $7.00 this campaign; AND your sister in law is selling Avon now.

Shelly Conn said...

HATE chunky salsa also. The big yucky peppers in them. Can't wait to try the Santa Fe kind @ Target!
Don't get in a hurry turning right on red.. (Remember my ticket a couple of months ago!?!)

Shoshana said...

I have so many, I try not to get started or I never stop.

Pat said...

I printed the coupons (which we forgot yesterday at Wa-mart) and bought the creamer. YUM!! If you are use to using sugar in your coffee try it first with just the cream; it is very sweet.