Friday, July 25, 2008


My youngest child, my baby, the little blond-haired, blue-eyed, brown-nosed darling that came out of my real-live, actual body ten minutes ago (read: seven years and eight months ago) is going to his first sleep-over tonight.

My uterus hurts.

What's weird is that it didn't hit me until today that this is his first sleep-over. Yep, that's me. Mother of the Year. Ten has been to several slumber parties. Both boys have spent the night at Camp Fabulous (AKA Grama's house) many times. They've even gone away for six days and nights with their daddy to their other grandmother's house while I stayed home alone. (I told you my husband was awesome!!)

But this? Tonight? This is his first night ever to sleep in a house in which not one single person is a blood relative of his. You'd think I'd be nervous, right? What with him being my youngest and so tender-hearted and clingy and stuff? But I'm not and here's why.

The kids he's going to be with are two of my very favorite boys in the whole, wide world. They are sweet, sweet little boys (like Seven) who have moms that I really like. The mom of the birthday boy is just the coolest mommy ever and if she didn't have a private blog I'd send you there to prove it. She and her husband can flat out DANCE. :-) Not only is she a great friend, but she was Seven's teacher back when he was still called Two. I love her and I know that she'll take great care of my baby.

But my uterus? Still hurts a little.

Maybe it would help if Ten and I went for ice cream tonight.


Tanya Michaels said...

Oh, hugs! We went through this with my six year old earlier in the summer. I hovered near the phone all night in the event of that call, the one that says, nope, I was wrong, don't wanna, but it never came. I don't think HE considered it much a rite of passage, but I definitely sighed over it.


Shelly Conn said...

I had to check in w/ you quick and say as we got in the car after Chuck E Cheese, I'm putting his buckle around the booster and he looks up and says, "This sleepover is AWESOME!!" (with a big smile on his face) Then we made a stop at Julia's bakery for a big cookie. :) They are having a BLAST! I took lots of pics and will blog them later. Gotta go.

Teble said...

Thanks, Shelly, I knew he'd be in good hands...even with James there. :-) I took Ten to see Wall-E tonight. It was cute.

Tanya, I didn't worry too much when my oldest had his first sleepover because I was just so very grateful that someone, anyone, was taking him off my hands for a few hours!