Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cats and Dogs

Remember when I told you about my "special" cat, Rocky, and how she won't stay in her pen? Well, she still won't. But it's gotten worse because now she doesn't even bother to run away from the dog and go hide under the workshop. Dan and I are worried that she's not long for this world. She just sits there and hisses at the dog who stupidly jukes left and fakes right and crouches down whining and trying to entice the ancient cat to play. Rocky just gives her a "talk to the paw," and alternates between hissing and swatting. Of course, this swatting tactic is largely ineffective since she's front-paw declawed.

And before you go all animal rights on me, that was not my choice. At the time Coda adopted us Dan and I still lived in an apartment. That's how OLD the cat is. When the man
agement caught us with our cat they told us we had to have her declawed or move out. Then when Rocky adopted us we thought it wouldn't be fair to have one cat with claws and one cat without because that would give the new young interloper a definite territorial advantage. So, not our choice.

Anyway, the cat has come up with a new solution to the whole sharing the back yard with a dog thing: the picnic table. Which the dog can SO jump up on too, but let's not tell Rocky. She thinks she's safe.
Lily: Hey look, it's a cat.
Rocky: Oh no, it's that stupid dog again.
(Notice all the digging under the table, where Lily's been trying to find a cool spot to sleep?)

Lily: Duuuuuh. Let's see...how can I get up there?
Rocky: I don't recommend it, Alpo breath.
Lily: Look, Mommy, there it is! There's that cat! Maybe she'll finally play with me!
Rocky: I'm warning you dog...come any closer and I'll swat you with my totally clawless paw.

Rocky: See? Now you made me go all Devil Cat on you. Stupid dog.
Lily: What fun! I made the cat do that funny sound that I like so much.

Hey Jody, what do you think? Is Rocky in the same league as MeanKitty? I mean, sure, she was totally provoked, but look at the intensity in that hiss. She's all business. Even if she doesn't bother to lift her head while hissing.

Poor cat.


Pat said...
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Pat said...

I am rooting for Rockey; I have to go for the old ladies. Beside Lily is a few fries short of a Happy Meal.
Sorry Lily! Grama loves you too.

april said...

She definitely looks unhappy, but she can't be that mad. She's still lying down! She's a beautiful kitty. hehehe I can't believe the doggy can't figure out how to get on the table.

My mom is funny about declawing. She said she would never declaw a cat, but she doesn't want a cat who isn't. So, she got a cat from a woman who didn't want Toby anymore. He was already neutered and declawed and everyone was happy.

Shelly Conn said...

I am feeling bad for Rockey up on the table like this just laying there. She just wants to be left alone. :(

Writer and Cat said...

That's a pretty intense hiss. She probably needs her own page in the Gallery....