Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bankruptcy Worries

I forgot to tell you yesterday...

Dan's company is closing 87 more stores. This is in addition to the 120 stores they decided to close in May when they filed chapter 11. Luckily Dan's store is NOT one of them so we're safe. Please pray for all the folks who are affected by this bankruptcy mess. Corporate is saying that this is the last of the closings they're going to do. I hope that's true.

Just didn't want you to worry.


Pat said...

I was happy to hear about Dan's store not being one of the ones to close, but now I am worried about the mall closing. Did you hear about the shooting at the mall last evening and they had to close the whole mall early??? I wish they could figure out how to beef up security and make it a nice place to go again. I know something else for you to worry about, sorry.

Shelly Conn said...

I'm praying for you guys w/ everything that is going on in your hectic lives right now.