Thursday, July 3, 2008

I'm ACTIVE again

I guess I just needed to have a really good freak-out yesterday to get some results. I just logged on to the Tennessee teacher license search again and I'm listed as active now! YAAAAAY!!!! My new license doesn't expire until August 2013. Rock on!

Of course, I won't completely relax until I have the paper copy in my hand and the superintendent's copy on file in the county office, but I feel MUCH better now. At least one thing in my crazy summer is working itself out.

Now maybe if I have another hissy fit today I can get a buyer for my house.

Poor, poor Dan.


Pat said...

I had lunch with your realtor today. She was telling people that houses in other counties besides Sumner just aren't selling. I said "No kidding! What are we going to do about it?" I asked if she realized that school started in a month. She said they were advertizing it and that the house would sell if they could get anyone to look. I just told her to keep pushing it.

Teble said...

Thanks, Mom. This is driving me nuts. Although, I love that my house is clean every day. I could really get used to that part of the deal. I know when we get settled in after the move that the boys (all 3 of them) will slack off again. Sigh.

Maybe I should start offering a free car wash and lap dance for every serious looker?

Sanna said...

You're such a brave girl with all those things to do, Teble!

I am sure your house will sell soon.

BTW, I am back to my old blog at

Please link me. :)

Love, Sanna

Shoshana said...

Teble, it's nerve wracking. We're actually considering a move into a city about 5 miles from where we live so our kid can get into their school system which are all rated Exemplary. All of their school. The only teeny tiny problem is, the house that we need, 3BR and up startes at 399K. Yes.

So now we're thinking, how important is our kid's education huh?

We're thinking an apartment, but well, I like having a house...but then again, 100 per cent of their school is Exemplary.

What would you do?