Saturday, January 31, 2009

And a Doctorate in Doubt

I was driving to my weekend home from my weekday home yesterday (I wish I had the kind of money that first part of the sentence implies) with a migraine. A bad one. The kind of headache that made me press my fingers really hard on my left eye to keep it closed so I could focus on the blurry white dotted lines on the road with only my right eye and hope I didn't slide over them in 70 mph rush hour traffic. Really. It was that bad.

Even though the sound was excruciating, I hit Shuffle on the iPod to keep the boys busy singing instead of asking me questions--what with the whole "concentrate on the dotted lines so we won't die" thing I had going on. So there we were, cruising down the highway, when I heard the boys singing a song that brought tears to my eyes. Note to self: when you're experiencing the mother of all migraines and your vision is blurry, adding tears to the mix is NOT a good idea.

They were belting out a Jeff Slaughter song from "Arctic Edge" Vacation Bible School a few years back, an uptempo song that goes like this:

I will be trusting God with all my heart,
No matter what, no matter where, no matter when.
I will depend on Him, I will not lean on my own understanding.
In everything I do I'm gonna have the courage to trust in God.

I don't get all holy on the old blog very often, but allow me a minute to get my preach on because my boys taught me a lesson in song yesterday. With our lives being so chaotic right now--not knowing where Dan and I will be working or where we'll be living next fall and where the boys will go to school--it was nice to remember that He knows.

And I need to leave it at that. Not that I think I can actually just "let go and let God" or anything, since I have a Master's in Anxiety and Fretting, but I should try.

Emphasis on TRY.


Shelly Conn said...

Love this post. I think those boys are sweet. :)

Sanna said...

I so know what ya mean. Migraines are hell on earth. But then, there are always worse things that might happen, so take some ibuprofen and try not to whine. You're a wise and brave girl, Teble!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Teble, you made me cry! You're right of course, that in these difficult times, it's hard to remember to let go. But life usually works out for the best (in the long run, even if the short run temporarily sucks).

I hope you're feeling better. I always feel dazed, queasy and achy after a migraine--like I have a baaaaad hangover without first having had anything good :-)