Saturday, January 3, 2009

Year in Review--Math Style

Running the numbers on 2008

Number of books I read: 95

Number of books I wanted to read but didn't get to yet: infinite

Number of houses sold in my family: 0

Number of houses purchased in my family: 0

Number of garage sales held: 1

Number of teaching licenses renewed: 1

Number of teaching job interviews in Sumner County: 2

Number of teaching job offers on the same day: 2

Number of teaching jobs accepted in Sumner County to be near Dan's job: 1

Number of Linens N Things stores liquidated: all 500-something of them

Number of teaching observations completed: all 3, baby! Yeah!

Number of of times my husband has amazed me with his knowledge of calculus: 434 and counting (Get, it? Counting? Ha!)

Number of times my kids said, "I'm bored," over Christmas Break: 8,216,387

Number of tires Dan bought me for Christmas: 4

Number of math books I bought him: I'll have to ask him since he really bought them for himself.

Number of MCRW meetings attended: um, maybe five?

Number of pages written on the new novel: um, maybe five?

Number of pounds I lost last spring: 13

Number of pounds I've gained since moving in with mom: at least that many

Number of months until the end of the school year: 5 (yes, I'm counting)

Number of times I've wondered where we'll be living and working and going to school next year: infinity plus a dozen


Sanna said...

Wow, a lot of stuff happened. Be positive about the things to come. You never know what the bad stuff is good for.

Love and hugs, Sanna

Angie B said...

Woot, five months! That's not bad. Yes, I'm counting too. Maybe counting until Spring Break would be less daunting though...

I was supposed to paint my house last summer, didn't happen, so we'll try this summer instead. The plan is to at least pick out colors over Spring Break. Christmas break is way too short to paint.