Sunday, January 4, 2009

One more number for you

Number of bedrooms that got painted over Christmas break: 0

Once I looked at the room, really looked at it, I totally chickened out. We have a VERY high sloped ceiling that also needs to be painted, a plant/display tray feature, wallpaper border along the top that has to be removed, and a ton of patching/sanding to do because the people who owned the house before us were terrible painters. I thought about it and thought about it and then I became completely overwhelmed by the enormity of the task and decided to deal with the 1980's mauve color a little longer and go read a book instead. Plus, with my ear pressure and the dizziness it caused, it was probably best to keep me off a ladder until later. Much later. Like maybe spring break?

Instead, we cleaned out all the dressers drawers, got rid of four garbage bags of old clothes, thoroughly cleaned our room, and rearranged the furniture for the first time in ten years. It's really weird to sleep on the "wrong" side of the room. The first night I kept waking up thinking Dan had left the closet light on, only to discover that it was the window and I was on the opposite wall. Every time I walk into the room to put something away I have to redirect my path. Other than the gouges in the carpet from years of heavy furniture sitting on it, the room looks great.

Oh, and I painted our bed. It was metal with peeling white paint and faux brass knobs that were tarnished. I bought some brown hammered metallic spray paint and went to town with it. I don't have any pictures, but trust me--it looks much better.

Tomorrow I have to go back to work. Ugh. I think I'd rather paint.

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Lynda said...

Felt the same about going back to work today...and then a 4th grade student totally lifted my spirits. Thought about you in your classroom. Blogged about it....