Monday, January 19, 2009

Tidy Randomness in list form

If prolific, supremely talented, and quite possibly mentally challenged writer, Joshilyn Jackson can blog in list form this week, then so can I. I need some tidy in my life too. Because, while I'm not busy putting the final touches on a future best-selling novel while my friend's cats writhe around my feet, I am still sitting here in my pajamas at four in the afternoon which by default qualifies me for a very high mental illness number of my very own.

So there. Here's the list:

1) It boggles my mind that I was on the dance team (a.k.a. the pom pon squad) in junior high and high school, but my husband, who has no dance training whatsoever, scored a perfect 30 on Wii Dancing with the Stars last night.

2) Snow, without schools being closed, is just inconvenient and cold.

3) Rotel is my favorite food and, thanks to Brian, I'm craving it today. Yes, it is TOO a food.

4) It's so dry in my house that I hear crackling every time the dog climbs off the couch. Which doesn't happen very often. She's an 80 pound furry couch potato.

5) Reading about the circus is way more interesting than reading about Jeffersonian politics. So I did--all day.

6) It's a lot harder to go back to work after four days off than it is after two.

7) If there are no more snow days, then my next weekday off of work will be February 16th--which is our eighteenth anniversary. I might be able to hold it together until then.

8) I'm thinking of organizing an expedition into my children's playroom to see if they can find evidence of carpet underneath all the toys.

9) I forgot to buy more hair color this weekend so I'm going to have a quarter inch of grayish/brownish roots showing all week. It's worth it to not go back out into the cold right now to buy a box. Especially since I'm still in my PJs.

10) I guess I'll shower and pack my stuff for the trek back to Hendersonville now. I've stalled on blogger long enough.

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