Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You Say It's Your Birthday...

Sometimes when there's so much to say, I get really quiet on the blog. I guess it takes time to process devastation. Minor annoyances, however, are easy to verbalize. :-) But today I am very happy. Here's the silver lining post of the week...

Today was my birthday and it was awesome. My students brought me very sweet and thoughtful gifts. One boy brought me a gift bag which he called the Brewer Essentials Bag because it had all my favorite things inside: coffee and chocolate (my two favorite food groups) and binder clips and Post-it notes (because he knows I have a major office supply fetish). If he'd thrown in a Sharpie or two, I would've needed to lie down for a minute.

Then Dan showed up at lunch with a "Birthday Girl" balloon, birthday pin, and cookies for my whole class. He also brought a Disney "Birthday Princess" tiara. Here's what's a little bit pathetic...I was already wearing one. My teammates brought me chocolate cake and wonderful gifts. My room mom brought more balloons, another gift, and cupcakes for the whole class.

We had the family birthday dinner last night at Mom's house, so I had awesome leftovers today for lunch. Then Mom and her neighbor took me out to eat at my favorite Mexican restaurant for Cinco de Mayo. Mmmm. Chimichangas. The staff brought me a dessert and made me wear a giant sombrero. I wore a shirt and earrings that Mom gave me. Way too much fun!

But the best present of all was that Dan and Ryan went to church tonight to volunteer with the clean-up for flood victims. (
Aaron is going to help me take some cleaning supplies over to City Hall to donate, since he was too young to help with the actual work. ) They ended up working at our neighbors' house across the street. Their basement was flooded, so my men moved furniture and boxes, ripped out carpet, the carpet pad, and the wood strips underneath.

I love knowing that I am surrounded by such Godly men. That's the best gift of all.

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