Saturday, May 15, 2010

In Which I Lose My Spine

We have a saying here at Casa de Princess. Whenever someone is getting really whiny about something and losing the ability to make decisions, think in complete sentences, and/or stand under his/her (but usually her) own power, we say that person is losing his/her spine. I lost mine tonight.

We have to fill out these Spiritual Gifts Inventory pages for the membership class at church, so naturally I waited until the night before the class to complete it. It took me a solid hour of whining, questioning, and second-guessing every answer before I finally finished it. I can honestly say I would prefer to gouge out my eyeballs with hot cinnamon toothpicks than complete another "gifts" inventory ever again in my life. WAH! I've become spineless and whiny! It was so hard! I have no idea what I'm good at and in which area my "gifts" lie. Except that I can tell you, unequivocally, that I suck at self-analysis.

I kept trying to answer the questions the way I thought the test creators expected people to answer them instead of my first reaction. I over-analyzed every question, even the totally lame ones. I'm pretty sure I caused irreparable brain damage from thinking too hard. I do not like to examine my spiritual strengths and weaknesses AT ALL.

Although, now that we're finished, I'm pretty sure that I'm a Beaver and Dan's a Golden Retriever.

That seems to fit, doesn't it? Maybe there's something to this inventory after all. But don't ask me to do another one. Ever.


Grace said...

So, do tell. What did your inventory show?

Teble said...

TEACHER. Imagine that.