Thursday, May 6, 2010

thank you, GLEE

Today was another silver lining kind of day.

Nine had his audition for the school talent show, and his daddy said he was awesome. I'm so proud that he loves to sing and isn't a bit nervous about performing in front of people.

Then tonight Twelve had his spring chorus concert. I never thought I'd hear songs originally performed by Michael Jackson, Queen, Bobby McFerrin, Ben E. King, Bill Withers, Natalie Cole, and Journey all in the same show. I have GLEE to thank for that, since they've made old songs (especially BAD ones) cool again. They also made choreography look cool too, and the kids tonight had moves for every song. It was so much fun.

I discovered something else too--my white boy got moves. He has rhythm. But he still rolls his eyes at key points in the songs, which just proves that he's still very TWELVE.

There's nothing better in this world than watching my boys perform.

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