Sunday, April 11, 2010

You Had Me at Easter

I mentioned the church we visited last week. Well, this week guess what I received in the mail. Give up? It was a hand-written note from the pastor. That on its own was pretty cool, especially when you consider the anonymity of the mega church that we last attended. But guess what else was in the card.

You'll never guess.

A Starbucks gift card! So, naturally I was impressed and giddy. We'd already decided to go back this week, but that was just icing on the scone.

Oh, and I was wrong about the guy in O'Charley's last week--it was the Student Pastor, not the Children's Pastor. But when Nine walked into Sunday school today he said, "Hey, I know you!" to a kid he recognized from school. Then another kid said to him, "I remember you. You bought my Grandma's house." Small world, huh?

We all had a great time again this Sunday. We saw three people from church at O'Charley's (yes, again) after the service. I'm planning to go to pilates at the church tomorrow night. It's feeling like home, except cleaner than our home is right now.

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