Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mommy Home Gym

I survived Pilates last Monday at church, but just barely. Who knew that a giant kickball could kick my abs so hard. I'm going back tomorrow night, so please pray.

I went out for Mexican food with some teacher friends last Thursday night, obliterating all the good work I'd done Monday and necessitating the return visit to Pilates class.

I created my own little Mommy Gym in a corner of the garage today. First I spread out a hot pink area rug with multi-colored paisley/amoeba things. I got it at a yard sale for $10 and had planned to use it in my classroom but it's too cute for school. Then I pulled the treadmill out there. Then I dragged over a little bookcase to hold my stretchy tension bands, hand-weights, and sweat towels. On top I put a portable TV/DVD player that the kids don't use anymore so that I could play exercise DVDs.

The whole area is so cute! Now if only I could make myself go out there and work out.

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