Monday, April 26, 2010


My first born child got braces today. Check him out:

He's not terribly thrilled about the whole thing, but he really likes his orthodontist. He says that Dr. Cohen is really fun and made him laugh the whole time. He loved the fact that he got to design his own removable retainer thingy. He put black and white stripes and a cross in it.

He's having a little trouble talking right now, which is really not a problem for me at all. He sounds like there's a giant cough drop in the roof of his mouth. The slobber factory is working double shifts right now, so he keeps making these really funky, slurpy noises.

Dan gave him some ibuprofen for the pain, so hopefully he's not too uncomfortable tonight. I think I'll send some to school
tomorrow, just in case he needs it. Poor kid.

I sure hope he enjoys his super-straight, shiny-white teeth in a couple of years. I could'v
e bought a used car for what I'm going to be spending on this kid's mouth.

But he's totally worth it.

Now I just hope he can remember how to brush around the braces and avoid eating all the things on the no-no list.

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PGKath said...

It's great he likes his ortho. Did your son have to have the expander prior to the braces? My niece just had hers put on. She asked me to "crank" hers one night when she was staying at my house...that was interesting. I guess braces are one of those things you hate when you are younger, but are so glad you had them when you are older.