Friday, April 2, 2010

Garage Sale Princess

Today's amazing garage sale finds:

  • cute black pants
  • hot pink "wrinkly on purpose" top
  • black spring blazer with embroidered bright flowers
  • black and pink spring scarf
  • brown "peasant skirt" with blue embroidered flowers
  • three pairs of "high end" flip-flops (pink and black, pink and green, and blue)
  • T-shirt and sweatshirt with Ryan's school logo
  • whoopie cushion for the boys
  • spring door decorations
  • electronic dart board
  • small suitcase with cherries (to match my big cherry suitcase)
  • jump rope for Ryan (because he liked the one I found last week for Aaron)
  • jewelry (ring, necklace, earrings)
  • volleyball
  • headband
  • purse
  • a pair of sneakers for Ryan
  • a T-shirt for my brother's birthday which says, "out of beer, life is crap"
  • a big, colorful rug for my classroom
  • a giant (17"??) computer monitor
  • and, the biggest bargain of all, a two-person patio swing with cushions, a canopy, and attached drink tables for only $40!!!
Then I went to Goodwill because they have a half-price sale the first Saturday of every month. The problem? Today is Friday, only I didn't realize that until AFTER I got back home. DUH!! I'm hoping that I can take it all back and repurchase it tomorrow to get the discount. Maybe they'll feel sorry for me and give me the moron discount.

And the best part and I are going out again tomorrow with two of her friends. I LOVE spring yard sales!

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