Thursday, April 22, 2010

Overheard in My Classroom

Girl(While working on a Tennessee History project): Did you just say your mother is trying to grow a beard?
Boy: No! I said, "I thought William Blount had a beard." Sheesh. Clean out your ears.

Girl #1 (talking to another girl about taking the state assessment): My mom said she really doesn't care if I fail the TCAP because they can't hold me back even if I do.
Girl #2: Yeah, but I heard that teachers get graded by how their kids do on the test. So we better do a good job so Mrs. Brewer will get an A because we love her.
Girl #1: Yeah, you're right. We should try hard for her sake.

Boy #1: Mrs. Brewer doesn't like it when you say fart because she says that's a rude word. You should say toot instead.
Boy #2: What difference does it make which word you use?
Either way it's still air that comes out of your butt.
Boy#1: I'm pretty sure we're not supposed to say butt either.
Boy #2(sadly): She won't let us use all the good words.
Boy #1 (nodding): Yeah.

Girl (after the science test): Mrs. Brewer, those songs you taught us really helped me remember stuff. I was humming the water cycle song and I remembered about condensation, precipitation, and evaporation.
Boy #1: Yeah, and yesterday I remembered the mean, median, mode, and range song in Math.
Boy #2: Me too. (thinking) Maybe it's not such a bad thing that you go around singing all the time.

Girl: Oh, I love your toenails, Mrs. Brewer. They're so cute in pink and I love the flowers on your big toe. (Looks at my hands and sighs with disappointment.) I guess you didn't have time to paint your fingernails, huh?

I love my class.

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