Sunday, January 3, 2010

You Never Expect the Quiet Ones

Nine pulled a fast one on his brother tonight and impressed us all mightily with his sneakiness. None of us saw it coming because he's so sweet and quiet and doesn't usually have a mean bone in his body.

I'd just cuddled up on the love seat to pretend to watch football with Dan when Twelve came in and said, "Hey Dad! You said you'd save my seat!"

Dan shrugged and replied, "She's cuter."

Huffing, Twelve walked to the other side of the room and sat in the other chair.

Nine quietly took all of this in without appearing to be involved. Then he went into his bedroom and said, "Huh. Look at this light," while messing around with the dimmer switch. Twelve said, "What? What is it?" and got up to go check out the light. As soon as he entered Nine's doorway, the little rascal scooted out of the doorway, scampered across the room, and plopped down into the seat his brother had just vacated, laughing hysterically. It was a full, riotous, giggly belly laugh because he'd just tricked his brother out of the only seat left in the room.

It took the rest of us a minute to realize what had happened because he was so smooth about the whole thing. Twelve messed with the dimmer switch for a few seconds before he noticed his brother's laughter and realized he'd been had. "Hey!" he yelled, "Get out of my chair!" as he laughed right along with us.

I'm telling you, you have to watch out for the quiet, sweet ones.


Shelly Conn said...

I love it!!! Sneaky or not, he is still one of the best, sweetest, kindest little boys I have ever known! (or had in my preschool class)
I am cracking up at him coming into this sneaky personality a little bit though! :) SO unlike him.

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