Saturday, January 2, 2010

College Fund

I'm sitting here listening to my husband patiently explain to our youngest child that it's really not a good idea to have his Wii quarterback run fifty yards behind the line of scrimmage. Or attempt a 93 yard field goal. Okay, so we're not holding out a great deal of hope for an athletic scholarship.

Then my oldest cub scolded the two of them for leaving a Wii disc out on the floor. When they explained that they left it out because they're planning to play it again soon, Twelve said, "Well, it's really irresponsible to leave it out on the floor where the dog could stomp on it. You should clean up after yourselves." Okay, so he takes after his OCD mother. Maybe his college fund will be a therapy fund instead.

That same ADHD child, who has been on a drug holiday for two weeks, just spent almost two hours of intense concentration building an erector set tank thing for his brother. Very sweet and thoughtful act, right? Except, now that it's finished and he's not totally focused on that, he's driving the rest of us crazy with all of his pent up energy. There may not be anything left of his college fund, after we spend it all on his meds.

I'm not ready to go back to school yet, but I'm kinda over the whole "two weeks straight with my kids" thing. In case you hadn't noticed.

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Lyn said...

I am SO with you there....except we just spent our two weeks in Florida with my desperately ill mother. The kiddos were sweet and helpful and enjoyed quanity time with their cousins. Now we are back at home and I have the growling, moody, maniacal beings that I left home with. Sigh.