Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Utilities, Ghosts, and Lunch

Our new house is being inspected tomorrow and it better pass because I've already put a whole bunch of stuff under that address. I've signed up for two of the three utilities I need, got my new driver's license (with my short-haired picture), new phone number, and switched addresses for just about everything except the school board. Oops, better do that tomorrow. Remind me, if I ever start talking about moving again, that I do not ever want to do all of this again. Ugh.

I about cried when I called NES today and the robot voice told me that my estimated wait time was 23 minutes. Do these people not realize that I have a life? Luckily they gave me the option to save my place in line, hang up, and they'd call me back when it was my turn. That was great, since I was on the cell phone and didn't want to burn up a bunch of minutes on hold. Then, when they finally contacted me, the nice lady on the line told me I'd have to pay a $180 deposit. And then she hung up on me. ARGH! A few minutes later she called back, apologized, and told me to have my old electric company fax a letter of credit so I could avoid the deposit. This very nice lady named Barbara had the costumer service thing down!

We went over to the new house today to measure stuff and try to get ideas about how we're going to arrange the furniture and maybe add a bathroom in the basement. The plumbing crew was there putting in the new sewer line, so we got to watch that for a while. When a pop-up thunderstorm rolled in with lots of LOUD thunder, we were very glad that we'll have a basement now.

Then I went to Denise's house with two other moms and all our kids for some mom time. Well, not all our kids. Ryan stayed with his dad because all the other kids were upcoming third graders or younger. The kids played really well together, even though Aaron was the only boy. He declared Darbi, "awesome" and can't wait to go to her slumber party next month. Uh, we'll have to talk about the boy/girl thing, I guess. Denise is a paranormal investigator, so we talked a lot about ghosts. She's trying to convince me to go on a ghost hunt with her on June 13th, but I have the built-in excuse that we'll be moving into our new house that weekend. I don't have to admit that I'm a great big fraidy-cat and would pee in my pants at the mere thought of spending the night with spooky spirits.

I haven't even started thinking about my Washington, D.C. trip yet. All I can think about is this house. I want to move in NOW.

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