Friday, May 8, 2009

Short Hair is Weird

Some random things I've noticed now that my hair doesn't reach my shoulders any more:

1) There is no delay time between turning my head and my hair catching up.

2) Wind? No big deal. My hair is too short to reach my eyes or fly into my mouth.

3) No need for a big round brush for blow drying. I don't have enough hair to go around the brush.

4) Ponytails are not an option if I'm running late for work.

5) I haven't had to brush out a tangle all week. In fact, have I brushed my hair at all?

6) I keep trying to pull my hair out of the way when I put on a jacket or sweater. No need.

7) I've had to get used to the feeling of hair against my neck since that's where it ends.

8) Getting ten inches cut off makes everyone ask if I got it colored or highlighted. (I didn't.) For some reason, the color looks different.

9) I only need a tiny amount of shampoo, conditioner, or other hair product.

10) People keep doing a double-take when they see me at school.

1 comment:

Sanna said...

Teble, your hair looks great. I really like what you did. I had my hair cut about eight weeks ago and wasn't able to make a ponytail either, but now it's all fine, although far away from the old length. Just use little clips or sth for summer nights or early morning. :)