Monday, May 4, 2009

Locks of Love

Today I chopped TEN INCHES off my hair to donate to Locks of Love to make a wig for kids with cancer. Dan watched and took pictures and didn't even cry when they cut the ponytail off.




This picture looks kinda weird. My hair is really, really short all over. Not AT ALL like the pictures I brought to show the stylist what I wanted. It's made of lots of really choppy, chunky, short layers all over instead of the long, layered bob that I asked for, but whatever. It grows back. This picture makes it look longer than it is. Very strange picture. I think I'll cut even more off the bottom next month to even out the ends a little more to grow into the bob I asked for.
Anyway the important thing is that a big, thick hunk of hair is going to a worthy cause and I can't possibly pull my hair into a ponytail this summer.


Pat Collier said...

We are very proud of you for thinking of others and making a difference in someones life. AND Happy 40th Birthday, you are almost as old as I am, every year from now on you will getr a little closer! love Mom and Dad

Lanie said...

That's fantastic, don't think they have anything like Locks of Love here in NZ. I've got hair extensions after my disastrous self hair cut a few weeks bag, if I'd know about L.O.L I might have donated to it :)