Monday, May 18, 2009

Our New House

Well, we did it. Our offer was accepted and we're buying a new house! We close on our old house this Friday. Then we'll live with my parents for a couple of weeks, go on separate vacations (me to D.C., Dan and the kids to Ohio), and then close on our new house on June 12th. Then we'll have the garage sale to end all garage sales at Mom's house. I'm so excited. About moving; not the garage sale.

I keep rearranging furniture in my head. I'm planning to pull down the IVY kitchen wallpaper on Day One, but otherwise it's neutral throughout the house. We might paint later, but we don't HAVE TO before we move in.

It's been a long year, but the four of us will finally be living under the same roof together again. YAY!


snowflake said...

Congrats, Teble!! :)
Glad you found a new house so quickly!
I can imagine how excited you are about rearranging furniture and decorating your new place. It’s fun to give new rooms a personal touch! :)

Wishing you and your family all the best with your new home!


Sanna said...

This is wonderful!! Very good news after this somewhat crazy last year. You so deserve it, girl! I will send some lovely piece for the new house as soon as I receive a valid adress to send it to. I still have your necklace here, btw.

Love and hugs, Sanna