Sunday, November 9, 2008

Slumber Party

My baby, who is now Eight, had some friends over to spend the night last night for his birthday. Luckily his buddies are as sweet as he is. We ate pizza and cookies, they played video games, watched cartoons, wrecked the bedrooms, cleaned everything up, and had a great time. We spread the futon mattress and the Aerobed out on the bonus room floor and let them all crash together. It was a quartet of little boy snores. So cute.

The really interesting part was getting everybody ready for church this morning. I lined them up single file, wet my hands, and tried to get their hair to lay down flat. I ended up only taking two boys with me (one got picked up before church and my oldest son decided to stay home with his dad) but they looked so handsome! If I ever make it to the store with my phone's memory card, I'll get the pictures posted. Yeah, I'm not holding my breath either.

After lunch we went to Target to help Eight spend his gift cards. As we were walking into the store I said to him, "Come here and let's see if I can still carry you now that you're eight-years-old." And I could. I scooped him up and carried him all the way into the store, only putting him down when I had to.

Just because I still could.


Christy said...

I have been lurking for awhile and decided it was time to drop in and say hi. I have been enjoying reading your blog. I love your title by the way! I hope everything is going well for your family. Maddie is doing wonderful in school, Radlee is keeping me running as always, and Brittany is turning 16 tomorrow! It is a busy life!

Shelly Conn said...

I am so glad they had a big time. J.C. had so much fun that night and I was so glad Aaron was here to go to church with him. (You know how J.C. is about going in.)
I was so glad to see you too!!!

Teble said...

Wassup, Christy???!!! I can't believe your baby is turning 16! Wow. She's so pretty you're going to have to lock her up for the next few years! :-) All of your family is just gorgeous. How's school going for YOU?

Shelly, they were so cute walking in together Sunday morning. James and I just kinda shoved 'em in the door.