Thursday, November 13, 2008

How to Show Your House

If you take if off the market they will come.

Can somebody tell me why things happen like this? All random and when you least expect it and stuff?

My husband called today to tell our realtor to take our house off the market. What's the point in trying to sell it when Dan won't have a paycheck in a couple of months? We can't buy a new house based on my salary alone and, anyway, who knows where we'll be living this time next year. So we decided to take it off the market and not even bother trying to sell it until we know where Dan will be working.

So, of course, we got a call from the appointment center saying that someone wanted to see our house today. Naturally. We've had exactly ONE showing in almost six months, so of course we'd get a call AFTER we decide to pull the listing off the MLS. What's really funny is that Dan had just put some brownies in the oven so the house smelled great, which would be freakin' fabulous if we, you know, still cared about selling the place and all.

Excuse me for just a moment please.....ARGH!!!!


Angie B. said...

Argh! That's how getting a job was for soon as I accepted the offer for not my first choice position, I had so many people calling!
I hope Dan finds something else great soon.

Sanna said...

Yeah, that's how it always is. I really hope Dan finds a new job soon.

Love and hugs, Sanna