Wednesday, November 26, 2008

From Last Year to Now

Last year on the day before Thanksgiving I was sitting around the house with nothing to do so I got the crazy idea that I'd start a blog. Who knew how many changes my life would see in the next year from that inaugural post.

This time last year I was working part-time, had an expired teaching license, and fully relied on my husband's income to get by. We never dreamed at this time last year that I'd be teaching in my hometown again, living with my parents five days a week, and that Dan's company would be closing. Wow. What a difference.

But you know what? The things on my grateful list, those things that really matter, are still with me. I still have the best husband, kids, friends, and family. I'm healthy, I'm happy (despite all the chaos in my life lately), and Easy Mac is still available. :-)

Life is good.


Sanna said...

You're so right. Kevin's company is closing at the end of February, too. He already has a new job and contract starting March,1st, but it is bad news anyway.

BUT we are all healthy, we love each other (thank you, counselling) and we waiting for another baby to enter this family.

Life is good and you are a great friend, Teble.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Teble said...

Wait, is that an announcement? Or just hopefulness?

Shelly Conn said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Teble. I love ya.