Sunday, July 19, 2009

Remind me to never do this again

Well the garage sale to end all garage sales finally ended yesterday. Hallelujah amen.

We got rid of a bunch of stuff, even though my carport is STILL full of crap...I mean treasures. Dan and the kids and I did fairly well. We made enough to pay for our lawnmower repair, Dan's repair kit to fix his own garage sale treasure (don't ask--this will have to be its own post), and my new Miche purse (with the Jayma and Pink Zoe shells, which I adore and they're not even here yet).

Mom did not do quite as well, unfortunately. She made quite a bit of money, then promptly put her Ziploc bag of money down somewhere and never saw it again. We've looked through the trash, the cars, both garages, and it's nowhere to be found. Poor Mom.

I'm never, ever having another yard sale again. When you take our proceeds and divide by how many hours of work went into the sale, I think we made about thirteen cents an hour. However, if you consider the fact that I was prepared to chunk all our stuff at the Goodwill donation center and get nothing for it, I guess it was worth it. But, mark my words, we're NEVER doing this again.

At least until next year.

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