Thursday, July 23, 2009

Got Books?

Some of you might be looking at that column over there on the right and saying to yourself, "What's up with Brewer re-reading all those books?" No? You haven't noticed that I've been re-reading all my old favorites? You don't sit by your computer awaiting the next installment from my ultra-chic and fantabulous life? You're just not that into me? Well, too bad because I'm going to explain anyway.

See, I'm a teacher. And it's summer. Know what that means? No paycheck. For the upcoming '09-'10 school year I'll have twelve-month check distribution, but that wasn't an option this year. So, what did we do? We bought a house and several new things to go in it. We're smart like that.

Ordinarily this would not be a problem but in this particular summer Dan didn't have a paycheck either. Long story short...we're on what my friend Kathleen calls a "spending slushie" until I get my next paycheck in mid-August. It's not quite a spending freeze, but it's darn close. With very little money in the budget for extras, and knowing I just spent money on my new Miche bag (which should be here soon--I'm so excited), I just can't justify spending money on new books. So, I've been reading a bunch of older well-loved titles.

Mom just bought Finger-Licking Fifteen and let me borrow it so that I could read something written this year. What are you reading now? What else have you read this summer?


Shelly Conn said...

I have been doing an Esther bible study this summer with some girls from CLC. It is a Beth Moore study. I have really enjoyed it but there are five days of homework each week so you have to stay on top of it.
I am planning on reading The Red Tent next. My sister said I would love it.
Miss ya.

Lynda said...

Been rereading my old stuff too. And writing. Doing lots of writing. And blogging. Mentioned you and the SEP board in my most recent one in fact. Check it out. : )