Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Money, Hematomas, and Treasures

Just in case you were wondering...

  • Mom found her money bag this morning. It was with her camera, which she realized was missing yesterday and assumed was gone forever along with her money. YAY!

  • Even though my stereotactic biopsy was two flipping weeks ago, I still haven't healed completely. I now have a hard, painful, golf-ball-sized lump in my breast that the surgeon's nurse thinks is a hematoma. I have to wrap myself up in an Ace bandage like a freaking mummy and alternate heat and ice to try to shrink it down. Which is just peachy, because I do so enjoy cutting off the blood and oxygen supply to the middle portion of my body. Feels like a frickin' corset.

(And when I say "f-ing" words in this blog, I'm thinking the really bad one in my head. Sue me.)

  • Most of the leftover garage sale treasures were picked up today by a charity. Dad got another truckload of stuff to take to some of the young people who work with him. Now I only have one and a half garages filled with stuff. Some of it is going on Craig's list to be sold and the rest is going to the women's shelter.

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