Saturday, February 28, 2009

So I've Been Busy

Okay, so I've been gone a while. So sue me. Some of my friends (coughSannacough) are giving me a hard time about it. Look, I've been busy. In the last two weeks we cleaned the house, ripped out the carpet and tiled the bathroom floor and installed waterproof quarter-round and caulked the heck out of it, installed a new light fixture in the kitchen, fixed the whole-house stereo speakers (okay, that was all Dan--I had nothing to do with it), and tried to clean things up around here to get the house back on the market.

And I've been busy with school stuff, too. Today I graded papers, planned lessons, updated my class website, found new websites to link to, put grades on the online gradebook, and wrote my weekly newsletter--for about twelve hours. My back aches but this week's plans rock.

In addition to all that, I've been a mommy. My children are on a crazy kick to create superheroes for all the presidents of the United States. So far they have:

Iron Jefferson (Thomas Jefferson=Iron Man)
Abe Lincoln as Superman
Teddy Roosevelt as Batman (and his V.P. Charles Fairbanks as Robin)
Harry Truman as Captain Atom
Dwight D. Eisenhower as Captain America
James Madison as Madison Manhunter (instead of Martian Manhunter)
George Washington as DinoGeorge (in a red Power Rangers suit)
Barack Obama as Green Lantern
and some others I can't remember. They've spent a lot of ink printing pictures of superheroes and presidents, and then cutting off the presidents' heads and taping them on superhero bodies.

Hey, you know, whatever keeps them off the streets.

But, even though I'm very busy, I've compiled a short list for your reading pleasure. I call it "Statements you'll never hear if you're a mother of girls:"

1) "Mom, I shot you in the heart twice. Now you have to pretend to die." (while playing intense combat Nerf gun battles with my oldest)

2) "And now, cucumber, you will taste the wrath of my mighty sword!" (while stabbing a cucumber slice with a fork at lunch)

3) "My brother won't play with me so now I'll have to battle the forces of evil in the universe all by myself."

With all this violence going on at home, how could I possibly keep the blog up to date?


Sanna said...

Ah, Teble, I totally agree. I have no idea how it is to have a house full of intergalactic fighters and superheroes, but I guess it's exhausting. :)

Good to see ya back.

Love and hugs, Sanna

jayfox said...


We were at the Vanguard reunion this weekend and someone told me that you were living in Nashville teaching and writing. So I decided to "google" you and found this page. I was sure this was you (but if not -sorry). We really missed you at the reunion! Doug had pictures of you from "Flibberty" in your cute little penguin suit! Please give me a shout back I would love to hear how you are doing!

Jay Fox Forbess

Leslie said...

Does Jayfox think there could possibly be more than one Teble in Nashville?

Teble said...

Leslie, Ha! Sanna, you have a boy--you will experience intergalactic battles very soon. :-)

Yes, Jay, it's that Teble. I hate that I missed the reunion, but I just couldn't get away.

I still have nightmares about nearly getting my thumb sliced off when Marty backed up the "Zoo bus" backstage in the dark and my thumb got stuck between the golf cart and the rows of lights or curtain pulleys or something. Ack. Showing up at the emergency room in penguin makeup, stark naked under my costume, was an experience I'll never forget. Mr. Snyder probably never forgot it either.

How are you?