Saturday, February 7, 2009

Indian name: Poops on Self

Today we took the kids to be tested for the magnet school in Hendersonville, just to keep our options open for next fall. Since neither of us knows where we'll be working or living next year, we decided to make a list of all possibilities and this was one of them. Although, I don't know why we bothered because, even if they pass the test, there's no guarantee they'll get in. There will be a lottery among the kids who pass for a spot on the waiting list since there are no open spots anywhere in the school. Well, I take that back--there are 40 spots in kindergarten and THREE spots in 12th grade. Yeah, like that helps me and my kids. But let's look on the bright side--maybe if we get their names somewhere on the waiting list now, their children might have a shot of getting in someday.

So anyway, we were waiting at a table with two other moms (one whose kids are currently enrolled at the school where I teach) and she was asking me how the magnet school compares with the other schools in the county. I told them about our experience at the boys' former magnet school in another county. I was trying to tell them about a particular teacher at the old school and how he's a smart guy but he comes off as sort of a goof because he has a very self-deprecating sense of humor.

Only I said "self-DEFECATING." Yes, I did. I told complete strangers that a teacher at my kids' school poops on himself.

I believe I just proved the superiority of magnet school teachers over regular teachers. At least they're superior to ME. I bet they don't discuss the bowel habits of their coworkers with complete strangers.



Grace said...

Eeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I don't even want to know to whom you were referring. Hope your interview went better than Bri's. Can you say "KR?" I've got a story to tell you, though. Let's just say her lofty self-esteem is still WELL intact. Miss you guys.

Teble said...

Unfortunately, they don't do interviews. It's a straight test, kinda like TCAP, and it takes three hours on a Saturday morning. Let's just say my kids were less than thrilled. And even if they scored in the 99th percentile they probably won't get in because there are NO SPOTS available and the waiting list is already 50 kids long before they even add all the new names to the list from this test. ARGH!!!

Can't wait to hear Bri's tale. Whatcha doing this weekend?

Grace said...

Saturday is Valentine's, so of course we don't have anything planned. Let us know if you guys want to do something.