Friday, October 16, 2009

New Princess in the Royal Family

My baby cousin Stephanie had a baby of her own today. Before you start thinking this is a Springer episode, my cousin is not really a baby. She's 28. I just can't help thinking of her as a baby because I held her when she was born. I thought I was so important because, at that time, you had to be at least twelve years old to visit new mothers and babies in the hospital. I had just turned twelve the month before, so I got to go with the adults to visit Aunt Sue and hold the new baby.

For those of you spraining your brains trying to do mental math...that makes me 40 now. Shut up.

Anyway, Stephanie and her big brother were acolytes at my wedding in 1991. Now she's got her own little girl. I would like to personally thank Mackenzie Hope for managing to get herself born during fall break so I could go visit her at the hospital and hold her just like I held her mama 28 years ago.

Welcome, Mackenzie. I hope you g
row up to be as beautiful and smart as your mom.


april said...

She's beautiful! I always think it's so embarrassing that all the babies have to wear the same thing when they're born. Congratulations to your cousin and your family! October is a great month in which to be born (I know a certain princess born 2 years ago this month).

Shelly Conn said...

What a little pumpkin!!! She is too cute! :)