Monday, June 22, 2009

Okay, so It's Been A While

I thought I'd start right out and get that statement out of the way with my title. So sue me...I've been a little busy. I pulled into the driveway from the airport four minutes after Dan and my brother unloaded the last moving box from the POD. Great timing, right?

I have spent every available minute since I got back from D.C. unpacking, arranging furniture, cleaning, recycling cardboard boxes, going back to Mom's for more stuff, and trying to fit everything that was in my old house (plus a few more things) in my new house. I LOVE my new house, but things don't fit the same way so it's been a challenge. Lily the dog has been staying at Mom's until tonight so that we could focus our attention on unpacking. She's not really happy about being limited to the downstairs, but at least she has a couch. She'll miss Mom and Izzy (Mom's dog) but they can come visit.

Did I mention that I have the smallest closet in the entire family? Yes, ME, the princess, has nowhere to store her royal accessories. Dan will eventually get around to installing some kind of closet organizer for me. Right after he finishes wiring surround sound, mounting guitars to the wall, and schooling his kids in Game Cube football. You know, the important things in life.

I've also been attending professional development seminars and stressing about writing my unit plan and essay for graduate credit for the Washington trip. Not actually doing the work, mind you, but fretting about it a lot. It's due next week, so I should probably start on that soon. I've become especially skilled in the art of procrastination with all these house projects. Because organizing my Tupperware cabinet must be completed before I can focus a single brain cell on the assignment, you understand. Priorities, people.

Oh, and my school's doors opened today. For the past month teachers weren't allowed inside while the custodial staff was cleaning, but now the doors are open and the pressure is on to get in there and work. We go back to school SO early this year since we're switching to a modified year-round schedule. Ugh. Teachers go back the last week of July and the first full day of instruction is August 5th. Should be fun going to school in 100 degree heat, right?

Okay, time to play with my dog, balance the checkbook, and convince my husband to put away the baseball video game because his boxes won't unpack themselves.

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Lyn said...

Ah....but you will LOVE teaching on a year round schedule. I did it Still miss those longer winter time breaks.