Monday, June 8, 2009

I Don't Think We're in Nashville Anymore

First impression of our nation's capitol? Dude, this is NOT the South.

People here are, well, rude. Not everyone, I promise. My lovely friend April lives up here, and I'm sure she's not rude. But all of the food service workers I've encountered so far on this trip are very unpleasant. I know we have mean people in Tennessee too, but every once in a while you get a nice one. Not so here.

Also, the lady who works the ticket thingy at the subway? M-E-A-N!! Ugh. None of us knew what to do since we don't have a Metro in Nashville. So, rather than politely explain it to us, she yelled at us and told us that if we did it wrong at the next stop they'd give us a $75 ticket. Then she explained to us that she was being nice (!!) and we might not be so lucky at the next stop. Maybe they define nice differently up here, but she was SO not nice. At least not until our whole group gathered around her and she realized that we could totally take her down if we needed to. Then she changed her tune really quick. See, we're not just a bunch of elementary school teachers. We have some middle and high school teachers too and they're used to dealing with surly people like her. :-)

Last night we did the monumnet night tour. Very cool. I talked to the boys as we were leaving the Lincoln Memorial. Aaron wanted to know if I stood where Martin Luther King stood to give his "I Have a Dream" speech. I said, "Buddy, I took a picture from RIGHT THERE just for you."

Today we get to do a walking tour of the monuments during the day.

I better run before I miss my group. And then I'd get yelled at by the scary subway lady again.

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