Friday, August 10, 2012

Cross collage

I've been collecting crosses from garage sales for years now. I have several large metal crosses hanging in the carport, and I had a basket full of smaller crosses that I wanted to hang in the hallway upstairs. I saw this tip from Centsational Girl about hanging pictures (on Pinterest), and decided to adapt it for my hallway project.

My faithful helper and I gathered as many of my crosses as we could find (there are probably more, but I can't remember where I stashed them), and arranged them on a piece of plain white paper.

Once we had them arranged, Aaron and I traced around each cross.

Then we measured down from the top of each one and made a mark where each nail needed to go.

After marking each nail spot, we moved all the crosses aside. We used painter's tape to hang the paper on the wall in the hallway. We drove the nails directly into the paper on the spots we marked.

Then we pulled the paper off the wall and used the pattern as a template to remember where each cross was supposed to go. Here's the end result.

I left a little space in the bottom center to add another cross, in case I find one at a garage sale soon (or I'd find more tucked away in a closet somewhere.) Because if I hadn't left room, I'd be sure to fall in love with one at a yard sale and have no place to put it.

So there you have it. In less than half an hour, with a little assistance from a very helpful eleven-year-old (who didn't realize I was sneaking in a math lesson by making him measure and mark the nail spots), I now have all my crosses on display instead of sitting in a box somewhere.


Marian Fleener said...

Love all the crosses. . .one of the most peaceful things you can have in your house! However, I love, love, love the paper idea! Thanks for sharing!

Teble said...

And, of course, the very next day I found another cross! My mom made me a beaded cross a while back that will fit perfectly in the space I left.