Saturday, July 7, 2012

Other People's Junk

Garage/Yard Sale treasures from the last two weeks:
  • shelves for the laundry room makeover (3 for $6)
  • apothecary jars for the laundry room makeover (4 for $25)
  • chandelier for the laundry room makeover ($3)
  • purple and green pillows for my classroom ($2)
  • purple and green butterflies and paper lanterns for my classroom ($3)
  • white antique mirror frame for the patio ($1)
  • three awesome pairs of shoes ($3)
  • big flower pot ($0.50)
  • five pairs of PETITE dress pants in my NEW, SMALLER size for fall ($20)

Today's hauls from garage/yard sales and Goodwill's half-price sale:
  • four more purple and green giant pillows for my classroom ($2)
  • dress pants, skirt, shorts, three pairs of yoga/Zumba pants (all for $17)
  • two more apothecary jars for laundry room ($1)
  • red vase for laundry room shelves ($0.50)
  • plant stand for the patio ($0.50)
I love garage sales!

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