Monday, October 4, 2010

To Do (Done)

Here's the list of things accomplished today:

1) cleaned the upstairs, not just sort of picked up like I usually do. There was actual mopping involved, people.

2) took two bags of aluminum cans and one bag of newspapers to the Humane Society so they can get money to feed their furry charges

3) took about seven bags of stuff to Goodwill

4) loaded my car up with plastic grocery bags to be recycled, and then forgot to go to the store to recycle them

5) had coffee with my friend and blog stalker, Loren

6) Hauled all the fall/winter clothes in from the detached garage. Then unpacked, washed, dried, folded or hung all of them and put most of them away. I say most of them because my closet is too tiny to put all of them away at the same time. The rest are hanging in the laundry room waiting to see which boy's closets becomes the extension of Mommy's closet. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, maybe just once or twice, but I have the smallest closet in the family. Just thought I'd mention that, in case you weren't aware.

7) Removed all the spring/summer clothes and put them in SpaceBags and totes. Wept copious tears of joy when saying good-bye to all my cute, strappy sandals and flip-flops (which, incidentally, filled two Sterilite 18 gallon storage containers--pink ones, of course)

8) watched my boyfriend, Rick Castle

9) pulled some of my potted plants inside since we have a frost/freeze warning tonight. Got bored with that and decided the rest of the plants can fend for themselves.

10) made sure the cat had food, water, and blankets in her igloo to survive the cold night

11) blogged this so that my stalker would have something new to read

Notice I still haven't listed "painted Thirteen's room." Sigh.

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