Thursday, March 4, 2010

Facebook Killed My Blog

I keep thinking of things that I want to put on the blog, but then I'll abbreviate the thought and just post it on FB as a status update instead because I'm lazy. So I haven't blogged in almost a month. I haven't even kept up with my "Books Read in 2010" entry. In short...since, apparently, that's the only way I can write these days...I suck as a blogger.

Let's see if I can recap the last month in condensed, status update-type format:

I'm over the whole winter thing. Done. Bring on the spring, allergies and all.

The fourth graders at my school have been switching classes for the last month to focus on TCAP skills that they haven't mastered yet before the big test. I hate it. Nine and ten year olds are too damn young to switch classes. It's awful. Luckily we only have to do it for two more weeks and then I get to keep my own kids all day again. Thank goodness. I love my class.

My brother is a big butthead and his wife is a psycho. My poor nephew is being raised by wolves.

My county had so many "non-snowy" snow days that we had to give back two days that were supposed to be used for conferences and teacher in-service. Hey, how 'bout if we actually go to school on days when we only have flurries? 'Cause that'd be great. I'm going to really wish I could have those days back in the middle of March when I'm ready to kick someone in the teeth.

Valentine's Day still sucks. Just in case you were wondering.

People who cannot cook should not try to do so professionally in a restaurant. People who have no people skills should not choose to be a waitress. Managers who can't do math should not try to adjust the bill. Just sayin'.

Mean people still suck too.

For the first time in about four years my oldest child brought home a school picture that actually looks as handsome as he is in real life. AND with no fever blisters. He somehow always manages to have one on picture day, but not this time. Probably because I forgot it was picture day (Mother of the Year, right) so it wasn't on the calendar, so the Herpes Fairy did not save the date. I bought the whole package because the kid is so stinking adorable.

Sinus infections, ear infections, and bronchitis also suck.

No one should ever fuss at my youngest child when he's not doing anything wrong. You really don't want to poke the angry mama bear. Really.

A pan of brownies can make a whole lot of bad things suddenly seem a whole lot better.

Women who eat all the brownies without saving any for their children should not be judged harshly. It was medicinal chocolate.

Well, I guess that's about it. Hopefully I'll manage to be more regular about blogging. Maybe there's a chewable tablet for blogging irregularity.

Blog-a-Lax, maybe?

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Grace said...

Is that something like "Video Killed the Radio Star"?