Friday, August 7, 2009

Valium is my new best friend

I'm home and I'm comfortable after my surgery, but I'm high as a kite. My vision is blurry from the pain pills, so I can't read what I'm typing. Please ignore any typos--I can't see the letters to fix it.

Everything went well yesterday. They won't know whether the tissue they removed is cancerous for about a week. I had all kinds of meds running through my system yesterday. They gave me Valium at first to relax me before the needle localization. Wow, that stuff is awesome. Wish I could take one before school every morning! Dan says I was quite entertaining.

After the surgery, when I was in recovery, I was talking up a storm with my nurse until they brought Dan back to my room. He kept laughing at me because I was stoned out of my mind. I started talking about the spider that I found in our bedroom that morning and how I wanted him to kill it right now and all kinds of goofy stuff. He and the nurse kept laughing at my crazy random comments.

I had an anti-nausea patch, pepcid, Valium, some kind of antibiotic, lidocaine, pain meds (Fentanyl, maybe?) and knock-out juice in the anesthesia IV, Percocet, and then later Loratab. I slept most of the afternoon yesterday. I had some really technicolor hallucinations too.

The worst part of this is not being able to read. I have two new "Bobbi Faye" books and I can't read them because the words are all blurry. I'M SO BORED!

Thanks for all your prayers and white light. I feel much better after this surgery than I did after the last one.

Maybe because I'm snockered on pain meds.


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