Monday, August 3, 2009

Middle School? Are you kidding me?

I survived my first day of middle school. Oh, and so did my kid. The one who actually went there.

I had to DROP HIM OFF AT THE DOOR! ARGH! Don't they know that it felt like ripping my uterus out of my body and throwing it on the sidewalk at the school's front door? Do you know how hard it was to say goodbye and drive away, not knowing what he'd face on the other side of the door? He may be almost twelve years old, but he's still my B-A-B-Y!

I cried all the way from Eleven's school to mine which, admittedly, is not that far to drive, but I was crying hard for the short drive. I sobbed to my younger child in the back seat, "Don't tell your brother I cried when I dropped him off." Eight said, "Don't worry, Mommy. I'm sure he'll be fine."

And he was.

Although he doesn't have any classes with his best friend (but a girl he doesn't like is in three of them), he says that he had a good day. It was only a three hour day, but it seemed like forever to me. I was watching the clock the whole time I was greeting my own students, waiting for the moment when Mom would bring him over to my school so I'd know that he was safe and hadn't been stuffed into a locker by an eighth grader.

Eight met his new teacher today too and really likes her. He's excited about third grade, even though he's also separated from his best friend.

I'm very excited about my new class. I'm looking forward to a great new year, once I get my stupid surgery over with on Thursday. NOT looking forward to THAT.


Grace said...

I was thinking about you all day. Glad things went smoothly. I'll be praying for you.

Shelly Conn said...

I'm sorry you were worried about 11 today. I know that must have been hard for you. He's going to do GREAT in school this year!
I will also be praying for you on Thursday.

Lyn said...

Get this....and THEN think about throwing your uterus on a sidewalk. School hasn't even STARTED in Michigan yet and MY kiddos have been discussing the fact that NEXT September the Prince will be able to drop me off at my elementary school and DRIVE both of them to the high school on the first day. Sob. I can't bear that thought.