Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Hodge Podge

There's a For Sale sign in my front yard again, and I'm a little bit in love with our new realtor. We had two showings in the first 36 hours of the new listing. The first happened as she was hammering the sign into the ground in our front yard. That's what I call progress!

I've spent the last two days filling out paperwork, cleaning the house, cleaning out and reorganizing my closet, cleaning out the garage, painting both sides of my front door, cleaning the front porch, painting Dan's speakers, boxing up clutter, gathering stuff for a yard sale, repairing tears in the boys' wallpaper, doing five loads of laundry, and rushing around gathering children, husband, and dog to go to the park when the second potential buyers came to see our house. Please, please, please let someone buy this place so I won't be semi-homeless when school starts in July.

Pray for Dan--he has an audition at the Bluebird Cafe tomorrow morning. He's been playing a few songwriter nights around town lately and getting lots of good feedback from other writers and producers and other music industry types.

Aaron has an audition for the school talent show this week. We have field trips, Carnival, Awards Day, Field Day, my birthday... Seems like there's something going on every single day for the next couple of weeks as we wind down the school year. TCAPs are OVER and we're in the home stretch. 18 more days!!!


Sanna said...

Sounds like things are going on. I am pretty sure everything will turn out fine this time. You've had a hard last year, you really deserve your life to ease a bit.

Love and hugs, Sanna

Lyn said...

DANG....only 18 days?? We have five more weeks. Oh wait. That's only 25 more days. Gotta start marking report cards!!! Yikes!