Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I should've known...

I should've known what kind of day it was going to be when I awoke at 5:50 and was greeted with the stench of doggie diarrhea when I came downstairs. I should've crawled back into bed right then and there but, no. I spent the next twenty minutes cleaning the dog, the carpet, the crate, mom's cabinet doors behind the crate, and dragging all the bedding outside. Of course, I did all this in between racing outside into the cold and rain every five minutes, barefoot and in my pajamas, to walk her again because, lo and behold, she wasn't quite finished yet and there was no time to grab shoes or an umbrella. And then I had to clean her again each time.

I do so love having a dog.

Especially now that she's back in Smyrna with Dan. :-) Have fun, honey. At least our back yard is fenced so you won't have to walk her in the rain (uphill, both ways, barefoot, in the snow, etc.) tonight like I did this morning. Before I'd even had my coffee!

It's tough being the mommy sometimes.

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Sanna said...

Okay, no sick dog over here, but sick hubby, sick boy and car broke. Happy weekend!