Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy List

Since things have been a little crazy around Casa de Princess for the last few months, I thought I'd post a gratitude list so my friends will know that I'm still a little ray of sunshine underneath all the negativity and bitterness. This was an easy day to compile a list, because here are some things that made me happy today:

1) Opening the front door to find a package from my friend, Vera, in Austria. It contained a tub of Casali Rum-Kokos (which Vera calls "Rumkugelu"), and BOY HOWDY are they good! Mmmm. And, may I just say, Vera has the best penmanship. Her handwriting is so lovely! Now I'm trying to think of traditional American treats to send her. Some of my friends have suggested Goo Goo clusters, Reese's cups, M&Ms, and Snickers. Any suggestions?

2) Driving down the road with the window down, enjoying a near-perfect second day of spring, listening to Jason Mraz sing "I'm Yours" and belting out the harmonies with my boys. I say "window" instead of "windows" because my passenger side window doesn't work, but that didn't stop us from freely enjoying the beautiful, cool, sunny spring day--even with the stench of Bradford pear trees invading the car. The only thing that could've made it better is if Dan had been here to sing "Lucky" with me. BTW, he'll be on Saturday Night Live tonight singing those two songs--Jason Mraz, not Dan. Unfortunately. But Dan will be playing at Puckett's Tuesday night, so maybe someday he'll do SNL too.

3) Buy-one-get-one-free Bolthouse Farms Vanilla Chai Tea at Publix. I don't normally indulge because they're expensive, but I splurged since they were on sale. Mmmm. Goes great with chocolate rum balls.

4) Walking the dog in the sunshine while listening to a chick lit audio book on my iPod. That iPod was one of the best gifts Dan ever gave me, right after all the songs he's written for me. Even the one called "Hard-Headed Woman," which couldn't possibly have been written about me.

5) Spending the afternoon sitting out on the deck with an icy chai tea, a sweater, and a good book (instead of doing school stuff) and watching the kids play soccer. Tomorrow I'll have a million papers to grade, but today I took a much needed Day Off. Capital letters necessary. Trust me.

6) Ten more school days until spring break! Then another week of school, then TCAP week, then I'll only have 18 more days until summer break.

Not that I'm counting or anything. Today I'm only counting happy things. Like--

7) Dan comes home tomorrow. :-)


Pat Collier said...

Do we know yet what time Dan is coming home today. I can hardly move toay after bending over all day yesterday pulling weeds but I need to get back out and do it again today. I just want to have time to clean up before picking Dan up in case you guys are not here. We also need time to go to the grocery, UHGGG. See ya'll later.

Sanna said...

Teble, I too love my iPod, which was a Christmas present by DH some years ago. I replaced it with a newer one last year, but it was one of the best presents ever.

I am pretty sure, they do have M&Ms and Snickers in Austria, but I think Reese's Cups will be fine. And I'd totally freak out over the white and pink M&Ms and I think Very will too.

Love and hugs, Sanna