Sunday, September 21, 2008

Politics, Schmolitics: let's talk about shoes

Sorry I haven't posted anything in a couple of days. My mouse is broken and that makes it very hard to use my computer. I'm going to Target to get a new one later because I can't write lesson plans without a mouse.

Wow, who knew that my lil ol' blog could launch such vitriol? Hee hee. Honestly, I hate election years. I hate negative ads. I hate most politicians because, if you're in a position to run for a national office, there have to be more than a few skeletions in your closet and greased palms in your past because that's how people get to the national level. There's not an honest politician out there anywhere, so I end up picking the lesser of two evils in every election. Every time. I hate the whole mess. Plus Dan and Mom are hogging the TV to watch this stuff when I'd rather just watch decorating shows on HGTV. Deep as a parking lot puddle, that's me.

Hey, if you're looking for deep, philosophical, political debate then, sadly, you've come to the wrong place. Usually I just talk about shoes, desserts, kids, dogs, and fart jokes. But every once in a while something will set me off (cough, Heather Mallick, cough) and I'll have to talk about it. Not in an MSNBC/Fox News sort of way, but more of an online journal these are my opinions and they're not worth crap to anyone but me kind of way. If we want to get down and dirty and debate, that's fine too, but be brave enough to leave your name instead of an anonymous comment. I'm 99% certain that anyone commenting on this blog is a friend of mine, (otherwise why would you be here?) so I won't attack the anonymous person. I think I know who it is and I love her, no matter which political party she sides with. I'll just say: if you're going to put your big girl opinion out there, attach your name to it. Love you. Bless your heart.

More later when I'm not mouse-impaired.


Pat said...

No fair shopping without me!
When are you guys going to be at your Home Away From Home (HARH)? I am planning dinner and if it is early enough we can go shopping ANYWHERE I am going stir crazy with is why I have had so much time to follow the election and read the net this time. Save me from all of it; I am even going to watch foot ball unless you come take me away.

Teble said...

Poor mom. I'm writing lesson plans and trying to hurry up and clean the house just in case somebody comes to see it this week. I'm be there as soon as I can.

Steven said...

I hate to throw a monkey wrench into your 99% certainty, but I wrote the anonymous political comment from this past week; I didn't feel like creating an account to post a single comment...and I suppose I still don't for this follow up.

The female friend you suspected had no part in writing it, and while I'm glad you still love her, I am also glad to hear that you suspect she may be a Democrat.

The post that followed mine was discouraging for so many reasons, but mostly because of the barrage of discredited rumors and outright lies concerning Senator Obama. is a great site to sift through the silliness and sometimes mean and dangerous smears that are hurled in this election. But when a candidate like Sen. McCain (an honest-to-God war hero who I respect on a personal level...I just disagree with his policy positions) can not reasonably run (and expect to win) on his record of supporting the Bush administration's policies for 91% of the time these last seven years, it seems the only tactic left is to make the electorate fearful of the opposing candidate. Ooga booga!

Anyway, that's my last time dipping my toe in your pool here. I agree--political discussion is an ill-fitting topic for your blog.


Teble said...

Steven? Who the hell invited "Steven" to the blog? WTF?

Anybody know a "Steven" out there? Weird.

Didn't want to create an account for one post? Why bother posting then? Man, people are SO strange!